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      OVERVIEW          FOR COACHES     

Perfect Technique focuses on developing quarterbacks and offensive linemen, and helping football coaches develop winning programs.

Simply, we break things down to build you up. Offering video analysis and personalized, step-by-step feedback and instruction in such areas as:

  • Recognizing strengths and weaknesses of opponent alignment to maximize your attack
  • Stance—fundamental to blocking performance
  • First two steps—at any position, the first two steps are critical to success
  • Moving with a strong base
  • Balance throughout—the benefits of having your feet underneath you
  • Proper body position
  • Hip position when blocking or throwing
  • Achieving proper extension
  • Follow through
  • Finish
Slow-motion, frame-by-frame video and audio analysis breaks it down to build you up.

We can work from a video that you make and submit to us (see instructions for filming your quarterback video) or from game film you currently have. Or you can contact us to schedule an individual Perfect Technique video session.

View a demonstration of a Perfect Technique video analysis.

We take QBs through the teaching progression for 3-step and 5-step drops, as well as a shotgun formation. We work on properly making all the throws, as well as fitting routes into different coverages in the “West Coast” offensive philosophy of the passing game.

We teach offensive linemen the correct stance and steps for run blocking, and teach college-level pass protection techniques.

After about three or four weeks of following our advice and practicing our prescribed training program, you can submit a second video and we’ll do a comparative, side-by-side analysis with your first one to gauge your progress. We’ll also provide an advanced plan for continued improvement.

We work with you like we’re your own personal coach . . . because we are.

You know what you want. We know what you need. We’ve helped many football players just like you become better, become winners.